James Larkin Strickland

M, b. 30 December 1842, d. 9 March 1913
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  • (Child) Birth*: 30 December 1842
  • (Groom) Marriage*: say 1866; Bride=Emily Louisa Wyatt
  • Photographed*: say 19051
    James Larkin & Emily Louisa (Wyatt) Strickland
  • (Deceased) Death*: 9 March 1913; Caddo Co., Oklahoma
  • Biography*: Form B No. 3076
    Widow's Application
    For A Pension

    The Commissioners of Pensions reserve the right to call for additional testimony.
    Mrs. J.L. Strickland
    Caddo County
    Postoffice Anadarko, Okla
    Filed 12-24-15
    Approved Jul 5-1916
    Amt of Pension allowed $250
    Pension allowed from July 1 1915
    Rejected Jan 3-1916
    Pension 1574

    Witnesses W T Freeman and H.S. Lane

    1. What is your age? 76 yrs
    2. Where were you born? Troop Co. Ga.
    3. How long have you resided in Oklahoma? 6 years
    4. In what county do you reside? Caddo
    Postoffice Anadarko
    5. Did your husband drawn a pension? Yes
    6. What was your husband's full name? James Larkin Strickland
    7. What was the date of his death March 10th, 1913 Where? Caddo County, Oklahoma
    8. In what State was your husbands command originally organized? Legrange Georgia
    9. How long did your husband serve? If known to you, give date of enlistment and discharge 4 years Enlisted at the beginning of war and served until the close of same (1861 to 1865)
    10. Branch...infantry
    11. What was the letter or name of the Company or number of Regiment, battalion or battery of artillery in which your husband served Company K 13 Georgia Regiment
    12. Have you transferred to others any property of any kind for the purpose of becoming a beneficiary under this law? have not

    Wherefore your petitioner prays that her application for a pension may be approved and such other proceedings be had in the premises as are required by law.

    Signature of applicant Mrs. J.L. Strickland
    Sworn to and subscribed before me this 19 day of November A.D. 1915
    C.R. Johnston
    Caddo County, Oklahoma

    Jan 5, 1910
    Respectfuly returned to the Chairman, Oklahoma Board of Pension Commissioners, Oklahoma City

    The records show that James L. (also borne as J.L.) Strickland, private, Co. K, 13th Georgia Infantry, C.S.A., enlisted July 8, 1861, and that he was captured near Petersburg March 25, 1865, and released at Pt. Lookout, Md., June 19, 1865, on taking the oath of allegiance. It is proper to add that the record of the above named man was furnished by this office on Dec.21, 1914, to the Commissioner of Pensions, State of
    Georgia, Atlanta, in response to a request from that official similar to the one made within.

    H. L. ________
    The Adjutant General
    Board of Pension Commisioners
    H.P. McCain Oklahoma City, 12/28/15

    Dear Sirs:
    James Larkin Strickland, who is an applicant for a Pension to the Board of Pension Commissioners of the State of Oklahoma claims to have been a member of Company K, 13th Ga. Inft. Regiment
    Vol.C.S.A. and to have been..................................

    Please give us the record of this soldier.
    Wm. D. Matthews
    The State of Alabama
    Chambers County Pension by J.L. Strickland

    Real Estate
    1/8 acres of land situated in Chambers County 100.00
    Total 100.00

    Personal Property

    1 Hogs, sheep and goats 4.00
    1 Watches, clocks and jewelry 5.00
    Household and kitchen furniture 40.00
    Goods, wares and merchandise 200.00
    Mechanical and farming tools and implements 2.00
    Total 351.00

    The State of Alabama
    Chambers County

    WE Bosworth, a Justice of the Peace in and for said State and County, J.L. Strickland who, being by me duly sworn, deposes and says that the foregoing schedule embraces all the property owned by himself and wife, and that the valuation as fixed is a fair and just value thereof.

    Sworn to and subscribed before me this 4th day of July 1909
    W E Bosworth Justice of the Peace J.L. Strickland


    N. E. Baker
    A.S. Ward

    25722 3358
    Class No. 4
    Application of J.L. Strickland of the County of Chambers
    Private in Company K in the 13th GA Regiment on the 46th day of July 1861 at LaGrange in the State of GA, that he was honerably captured from such service on the 25th day of March 1865, that he did not desert the service of the Confederate States, or of the State or Alabama,,,,that he is now unable to make a living by manual labor on account of Rheumatism and other diseases that he is at the time of filing this application 66 years of age, and that his postoffice address is Welch, Alabama...
    J.L.Strickland Applicant

    The State of Alabama, Chambers County

    Transcribed by Sharon L. Holland SHolland5@cox.net or SlfGal@msn.com

Family: Emily Louisa Wyatt b. 29 May 1839, d. 16 Feb 1920


  1. [S47] Lewis W. Griffin Jr..
    courtesy of the late William Ikerd of Oklahoma.

Emily Louisa Wyatt

F, b. 29 May 1839, d. 16 February 1920
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Family: James Larkin Strickland b. 30 Dec 1842, d. 9 Mar 1913


  1. [S388] Judy Ellen (James) Bute e-mail, e-mail address, Feb 2009,.

Mary Elizabeth Strickland

F, b. 14 June 1845, d. 2 May 1908
  • Last Edited: 20 Feb 2009

Family: Monroe Lewis Cook b. 27 Jan 1843, d. 21 Feb 1928


  1. [S1870] 1870, Census, Beat 2, Chambers, Alabama; Roll: M593_6; Page: 24; Image: 49.

Monroe Lewis Cook

M, b. 27 January 1843, d. 21 February 1928
  • Last Edited: 9 Oct 2007

Family: Mary Elizabeth Strickland b. 14 Jun 1845, d. 2 May 1908


  1. [S1850] 1850, Census, District 68, Pike, Georgia; Roll: M432_80; Page: 180; Image: 365.

    Name, Age, Birth Place
    Allen, 50, GA
    Rachel, 40, NC
    James B., 26, GA
    Jeptha A., 19, GA
    William T., 13, GA
    Elisha, 10, GA
    Sarah, 8, GA
    Monroe L., 6, GA
    Willey, 4, GA
    John R., 2, GA.
  2. [S1870] 1870, Census, Beat 2, Chambers, Alabama; Roll: M593_6; Page: 24; Image: 49.

James Lawrence

M, b. say 1787
  • Last Edited: 3 Aug 2001
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • (Groom) Marriage*: Bride=Mary Simonton
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1787

Family: Mary Simonton b. s 1789

Mary Simonton

F, b. say 1789
  • Last Edited: 3 Aug 2001
  • (Bride) Marriage*: Groom=James Lawrence
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • Married Name: Lawrence
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1789

Family: James Lawrence b. s 1787

Infant Son Strickland

M, b. 13 July 1867, d. 13 July 1867
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Martha Elizabeth Strickland

F, b. 28 September 1868, d. 25 December 1958
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family: Lee Etchison b. s 1866

Lee Etchison

M, b. say 1866
  • Last Edited: 28 Jul 2001

Family: Martha Elizabeth Strickland b. 28 Sep 1868, d. 25 Dec 1958

James Robert Strickland

M, b. 8 January 1871, d. 16 September 1891
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Margarette Lourana Strickland

F, b. 15 May 1873, d. 24 January 1894
  • Last Edited: 12 Apr 2009
  • Name-Comm: Maggie Strickland
  • (Child) Birth*: 15 May 1873; Five Points, Chambers Co., Alabama
  • Married Name: circa 1890; Daniel
  • (Bride) Marriage*: circa 1890; Groom=William Thomas Daniel
  • (Deceased) Death*: 24 January 1894; Chambers Co., Alabama; In Memory of Mrs. Maggie Daniel

    On the 24th day of January, 1894, God took from our midst the form of sweet Maggie. She was mild and sweet in all her ways in life. She was kind and affectionate to everybody. She leaves a husband, one little girl, father, mother, two sisters and one brother, besides a host of friends, to mourn her departure. While it is our blessed Creator's will to remove from the home circle our beloved Maggie, we should come to Him in simple faith and say, Thy blessed will be done. Though great pangs of sorrow and grief encompass our hearts to know she is ever shut out from our sight in this life, tis sweet to know that God's faithful children will be gathered together some sweet day. Then we will behold Maggie, with beautiful soft blue eyes, among the great white throng, praising her dear Redeemer.

    Oh! there at last, life's trials past, We'll meet our loved once more, Whose feet have trod the path to God; Not lost, but gone before.

    Mollie Pepper1

Family: William Thomas Daniel b. Nov 1869, d. 9 Nov 1964


  1. [S388] Judy Ellen (James) Bute e-mail, e-mail address, Feb 2009,.
    From Allie Abernathy's Scrapbooks, 1893 - 1923, compiled by Laura Alabama Floretta Abernathy.

William Thomas Daniel

M, b. November 1869, d. 9 November 1964
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Family: Margarette Lourana Strickland b. 15 May 1873, d. 24 Jan 1894


  1. [S388] Judy Ellen (James) Bute e-mail, e-mail address, Feb 2009,.

Sarah Frances Strickland

F, b. 18 May 1875, d. 7 July 1963
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family: William Tyrie Freeman b. 20 Jun 1875, d. 23 Jan 1962

William Tyrie Freeman

M, b. 20 June 1875, d. 23 January 1962
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family: Sarah Frances Strickland b. 18 May 1875, d. 7 Jul 1963

Catherine Matilda Strickland

F, b. 14 June 1878, d. 21 March 1879
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

William Larkin Pinckney Strickland

M, b. 5 March 1880, d. 1951
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

(?) Etchison

F, b. after 1890
  • Last Edited: 28 Jul 2001
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • (Bride) Marriage*: Groom=Ed Jacobs
  • (Child) Birth*: after 1890

Family: Ed Jacobs b. s 1890

Ed Jacobs

M, b. say 1890
  • Last Edited: 28 Jul 2001
  • (Groom) Marriage*: Bride=(?) Etchison
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1890

Family: (?) Etchison b. a 1890

Atha Mae Daniel

F, b. 20 March 1892, d. 11 September 1990
  • Last Edited: 20 Feb 2009

Family: Walter Homer James b. 27 Jan 1888, d. 21 Dec 1980


  1. [S388] Judy Ellen (James) Bute e-mail, e-mail address, Feb 2009,.

Walter Homer James

M, b. 27 January 1888, d. 21 December 1980
  • Last Edited: 13 Sep 2009

Family: Atha Mae Daniel b. 20 Mar 1892, d. 11 Sep 1990


  1. [S388] Judy Ellen (James) Bute e-mail, e-mail address, Feb 2009,.

Kendrick Quinton James

M, b. 31 August 1909, d. 6 April 1999
  • Last Edited: 20 Feb 2009


  1. [S2] Social Security Death Records,.

Walter Ervin James

M, b. 29 January 1911, d. 7 August 1985
  • Last Edited: 20 Feb 2009

Family 1: Martha Jane Henderson b. 12 Jan 1912, d. 11 Dec 1973

Family 2: Marjorie Greer Ramsey b. s 1913


  1. [S388] Judy Ellen (James) Bute e-mail, e-mail address, Feb 2009,.

Martha Jane Henderson

F, b. 12 January 1912, d. 11 December 1973
  • Last Edited: 20 Feb 2009

Family: Walter Ervin James b. 29 Jan 1911, d. 7 Aug 1985


  1. [S388] Judy Ellen (James) Bute e-mail, e-mail address, Feb 2009,.

Marjorie Greer Ramsey

F, b. say 1913
  • Last Edited: 20 Feb 2009
  • Married Name: James
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1913
  • (Bride) Marriage*: Groom=Walter Ervin James

Family: Walter Ervin James b. 29 Jan 1911, d. 7 Aug 1985

Nellie May James

F, b. 16 September 1912, d. 8 September 2009
  • Last Edited: 9 Sep 2009
  • (Child) Birth*: 16 September 1912; Florala, Covington Co., Alabama
  • Married Name: 14 July 1934; Windham
  • (Deceased) Death*: 8 September 2009; Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Alabama; WINDHAM, Nellie Mae, age 96, a resident of Montgomery, AL, died on Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at a local nursing home. Graveside services will be on Friday, September 11, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. at Montgomery Memorial Cemetery with Rev. Sara Shaver officiating. Visitation will be on Thursday, September 10, 2009 at Leak-Memory Chapel from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Mrs.
    Windham was preceded in death by her parents, Walter Homer James and Atha Mae James and five brothers. She was also preceded in death by her husband of 62 years, Mr. Leonard W. Whit Windham. She is survived by one brother, Franklin James of Montgomery; one daughter, Patricia Parker; one son, Wilson Windham, both of Montgomery; four grandchildren, Keith Parker and Jill Parker, both of Montgomery, Kim Spencer and Rachel Jeannine Windham of Huntsville; two great-grandchildren, Brian Parker of Dothan and Tyler Spencer of Huntsville; and a host of nieces, nephews and other relatives and friends. Serving as pallbearers will be Walter James, Allen James, Donald James, Edward James, Tyler Spencer and Braden Pittman, Jr.

Mayor Earl Daniel James

M, b. 10 August 1914, d. 13 October 2005
  • Last Edited: 19 Oct 2009
  • (Child) Birth*: 10 August 1914; Florala, Covington Co., Alabama
  • (Groom) Marriage*: 26 November 1942; Bride=Dorothy Sue Goggans
  • Event-Misc*: between 1959 and 1971; Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Alabama; Mayor
  • (Deceased) Death*: 13 October 2005; Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Alabama; JAMES, Earl D., Former Mayor of Montgomery, Al. [from 1959 - 1971] and resident of Montgomery, Al. died Thursday October 13,2005.Funeral services will be Monday October 17, 2005 at 2:00 from the Capital Heights United Methodist Church, with Rev. Sam Person Parkes officiating. Survivors include his wife Dorothy G. James. 2 daughters Kandy Hudson, Ginger Bryant. Son Dr. W. Tommy James, sister Nellie Windham, brother Franklin H. James. Three grandchildren Danny Hudson, Donnie Hudson, Tommy James, four great-grandchildren.Visitation will be Sun-day October 16, 2005 from 4:00 until 6:00 at Leak-Memory Chapel friends may also visit with the Family at the Church Monday from 1:00 until 2:00. Following services at the Church the Family will have a private graveside service. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to the Capital Heights United Methodist Church.Leak-Memory Chapel Directing1
  • Biography*: From the Montgomery Advertiser, 6 Sep 1959:


    Earl Daniel James, business executive and mayor-elect

    Born Aug 10, 1914 in Florala, son of Walter Homer James (now a retired LAN Railroad man) and Atha Mae James. Five brothers R. Q James, Wilbur L. James and Franklin H. James, all of Montgomery, Walter E. James, Houston, Tex., and Robert E. James, Enterprise, one sister, Nellie F. Windham, Montgomery.

    Lived one year in Flomaton before moving with family to Montgomery in 1922. Father and mother still live in original home at 2216 McKinley Avenue.

    Graduated from Sidney Lanier High School [Mongtomery] in 1934 after playing football there with Leroy Monsky and Joe Kilgrow of Alabama, other outstanding players. All eleven members of team got college football scholarships.

    Went to Troy State Teachers College for three years, lettering in football 'center' and baseball 'pitcher'.

    Went to Capitol Heights Junior High School in 1937 as coach and physical education teacher. Attended Alabama Polytechnic Institute summers to receive degree.

    Served in Army Air Corps 46 months. Attended first officers candidate school at Miami. Handled physical training of aviation cadets at bases in Georgia and Florida. Discharged as captain in 1946. Five James boys in service at same time: two in Navy, three in Air Corps.

    Returned to Capitol Heights for half a year. Moved to Starke Military School for 1946 - 1947 year as coach and teaching civics and algebra.

    Elected city commissioner [Montgomery] in spring of 1947, over two opponents, took office in October 1947. Park and Recreation Board established during his first term. Assigned as commissioner of public affairs. Re-elected in 1951 over one opponent. Resigned position on Sept. 15, 1953, to go into private business.

    Earl James Cleaners, Inc. founded at 3365 Atlanta Hgwy. Became president when incorporated.

    Ran for office of mayor in May and June 1959, won Democratic nomination and was elected. Takes office Oct 5.

    Past president of the Parent-Teacher Organization at Capitol Heights Junior High School. Member of the Masons. Shrine. East Montgomery Exchange Club.

    Teaches men's Bible class at Capitol Heights methodis Church.

    Received the annual lay award plaque of the Alabama Recreation Assn. in 1958 for his life's work with recreational programs.

    Married Nov. 26, 1942 to the former Dorothy Goggins of Macon, Ga. Three children: Walter Thomas 15, a freshman at Lee; Kandy, 13, who attends Capitol Heights Junior High, and Ginger, 2 1/2.

    Lives at 100 Arden Rd. Enjoys fishing in the backwaters of Lake Jordan.


Family: Dorothy Sue Goggans b. 22 Apr 1921, d. 26 Jun 2010


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  2. [S1] Montgomery Advertiser, 6 Sep 1959.

Dorothy Sue Goggans

F, b. 22 April 1921, d. 26 June 2010
  • Last Edited: 20 Sep 2010
  • (Child) Birth*: 22 April 1921; Columbus, Muscogee Co., Georgia
  • (Bride) Marriage*: 26 November 1942; Groom=Mayor Earl Daniel James
  • Married Name: 26 November 1942; James
  • (Deceased) Death*: 26 June 2010; Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Alabama; JAMES, Dorothy G., 89, a resident of Montgomery, AL, passed away on Saturday, June 26, 2010. Graveside services will be held on Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 11:00 AM at Greenwood Cemetery with Rev. Sara Shaver officiating. Visitation will be from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM at Leak-Memory Chapel on Thursday. Mrs. James was preceded in death by her husband, former Mayor Earl D. James. She is survived by three children, Dr. Tommy James, Kandy Hudson (Jerry), and Ginger Bryant; grandsons, Danny Hudson (Teresa), Donnie Hudson (Ami), Tommy James (Alison); five great-grandchildren, Seth Hudson, Sydney Hudson, Casey Hudson, Hart James, Tyler James; brother- in-law, Franklin H. James (Freida); and a host of nieces and nephews. The family wishes to give a special thanks to Mrs. James's caregiver, Jessie Hogan, for the love and support she gave to Mrs. James. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Capitol Heights United Methodist Church Children's Ministry. Leak-Memory Chapel Directing
  • Burial: 1 July 2010; Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Alabama

Family: Mayor Earl Daniel James b. 10 Aug 1914, d. 13 Oct 2005

Robert Edward James

M, b. 13 April 1916, d. 29 December 2003
  • Last Edited: 20 Feb 2009


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